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May 05, 2008


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Three cheers for Gottfried!
I love the photos you are using on your blog. Those of us who know you well have benefited from Gottfried's enthusiasm for every flower, bird and sunset. I have received many lovely photos from him. I also want to appreciate and thank Gottfried who is there every day to support Trudy during her illness.

JohnF. Bargman

You blog is wonderful. So glad you are in the mindful meditation class. If Dr Linda Carlson is teaching you say hi from me.
You are blessed to be around a great photographer. As Freeman Paterson's book title reminds us "Photography and the art of seeing" - is taking the time to see is a wonderful habit. If you have the skills to capture that - what a thrill - but there is so much to see if you look.

Karen Cain

Blessings to Gottfried. Your enthusiasm and 'eye' are especially treasured. I miss hearing your favorite music and commentary on it, I have learned so much from you. Thank you for being there for my best friend.

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