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May 16, 2008


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Meghan Innes

Sophie will one day love this post. We were at the library last weekend and all of a sudden Sophie looks at one of the bookshelves (filled with 100's of books) and yells out "Mom, Grumpy Bird"! Sure enough there it was, she could spot that book spine a mile away. Sophie too loves that book and I'm sure to hear "looks like I'm walking today mom" from her one day in the future. I will reply "that's OK...as long as you’re walking it will be ok". We miss you dearly and can’t wait to “walk” with you very soon. My love, M.

patricia ludwick

dear Trudy,

I have sent those lines from Grumpy Bird to at least three friends and relatives - and included my thanks for the ability to walk, even skip a step or two on a bright spring day. My youngest sister is a choreographer who has been creating a work based on Amelia Earhart, which will premier in a week, a piece about the love of flying which has a line in it about falling up into the beautiful bowl of sky - using photographic projections of kids on swings, trampolines, teetertotters, skateboards in and around her dancers who are on trapezes - with lots of spacious blue beyond. But I'll bet there are plenty of days when she feels buried in all the details of organizing this production, and so I sent her Grumpy Bird's words, hoping they will bring a smile to her as they did to me. In fact, I think I'll see if VIRL has that book. . .
love to you, with wishes for a stroll through blossoming streets today


Rita Shannon

On Tuesday I found out that Trudy has cancer, I didn't know that! I was shocked and sadden and angry and all those things that we feel when we have bad news.

Today I am reading her blog and crying and laughing and enjoying and suffering with her and with all her friends and family and Gottfried.
Oh I am so sorry, I will pray for you all.

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