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May 11, 2008


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Mother truly is an inspiration! When I think about getting old and all the things I won’t be able to do, I think about Mother and see her at 88 still doing new things. She has recently moved to a seniors’ residence not because she had to but because she wanted to enjoy the activities and facilities while she was still able to. She is off to Alaska on a cruise in a couple of weeks. Her philosophy of always trying new things and accepting invitations has made her a vital and very alive person.
Many thanks to Trudy and Gabriole for sharing their mother. They share her with all their friends and to everyone she is referred to and known as MOTHER!


What a wonderful tribute to your mother Trudy -- she is truly an incredible person -- as are you, her daughter. Having gotten to know Eileen a little bit, I can see where you got your strenth and sense of spirit! Happy Mother's Day!

Patricia Ryan Madson

I second all of this. Brava to Eileen, Trudy, Meghan and Sophia: four generations of light. Happy Mother's Day to you all.

Derek Rector

Hi Trudy,
Thanks for sharing so much of yourself with all of us. It's lovely powerful stuff. Word by word you gently challenge each of us to live. You remind me how fortunate we are to have such loving, spirited, wise, and strong mothers in our family.

Grammy Rector tought me to appreciate strawberry ice cream. William has declared they are his favourite fruit.

Happy Mother's Day (you, Aunt Eileen and all the other mothers in our family)!

Meghan Innes

I too feel like I won the Mother lottery and Sophie won the Nana and Great Grandmother lottery. How lucky we are.

All my love,

xo Meghan

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