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May 18, 2008


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Shannon Rector

I love you...

I love the way that you know how to say all of the things I feel in the most perfect of ways.

I love that I have such an incredible family, and that Meghan, Graeme and Kimmie all pitched in for multiple hugs as I read this special blog.

I love the thought of you munching away on strawberries thinking of my Dad as he goes in for surgery. Because of you, I too will bring along a few strawberries for my mom, Aunt Sonya and brothers to enjoy while we wait for Dad to come back to us better and stronger than ever.

Thank you for sharing yourself with us. Thank you for always knowing what to say, and for passing on this amazing gift to Meghan my "sister" who always knows what to say too.

Yes... F is for Family.

Thank God for that.


Karen Cain

Dear Trudy,
How much I look forward each day to your words. Today you have stepped outside of your own journey to allow us to travel a while with Bill. I have a Japanese 'puzzle box' beautifully crafted, given to me by a dear friend, this is the box for the name, "Bill"
I hope that I can find strawberries to eat at 9am on Thursday morning, but if not, I will paint a lush strawberry in the studio and contemplate that while I say his name. The energy is all the same. I will be happy to be part of his healing process.
with love,Karen


Mom and I have the strawberries ready to go and a special box that only mom could come up with. I promise I'll wake her up so she can eat strawberries at 9 am too.


I knew there was a reason I bought strawberries yesterday! Bill's name (and yours Trudy!) are in a lovely blue glass box my mom brought back from Wales many years ago. Thinking and feeling healing energy for both of you.

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