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April 15, 2008


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Patricia Ryan Madson

Brava, Trudy! When we lean forward it helps us literally to open our eyes to what is in front of us. Right now in front of me is a healthy long needle pine that my husband planted behind our house. It's beauty reminds me of all things natural. I love the idea of blogging instead of slogging along. Welcome to this world of happy, helpful posting.


I just love this image of "leaning in" to our challenges. (I can just picture Gottfried, ski instructor, giving this wise advise). I am going to lean in to my day today. Thank you, Trudy.

Karen Cain

My dear Trudy, I appreciate your thought today as I prepare my garden for the burgeoning spring. As a novice gardener I had a plan for my garden and it has only been through experience that I have learned to 'lean into it' . The garden knows what it needs, I only need to listen and be aware.
When I do this, all things work together to produce the healthiest and most beautiful of gardens (and lives) Karen

Nancy Wright

Dear sweet Trudy!
You are my inspiration every single day. And as I get on my bike I will think of you and Gottfried as I learn to 'lean into it'....however I had better be careful cause if I lean too far the peloton of riders might not be too happy!!! :O)
Thank you for your beautiful words....they are so like you...beautiful inside and out.
Love and hugs to you


Thank you dear ones. Your encouraging words mean everything to me. Much love, Trudy


Hello Trudy, I just found your blog through Patti Digh and I must say I have loved my first visit. Especially the poem "I love your hair" that you shared. Your writing about this, and other things, speaks volumes. I am glad you are doing this 100 day project. sincerely, lenna andrews

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