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April 17, 2008


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Karen Cain

My dear Trudy, As you learn, so you teach others. In reading your blog today I am made more aware of my daily life. I stop and 'smell the roses' not assume they will always be there when I schedule the time. Thank you.



This is the first I have read your blog and I'm hooked! You are a wonderful writer and have successfully made me laugh, cry and procrastinate in my studies. I agree with your insight on laughter each day, so I thought I would try to pass along the endless "advice" I get from little Sophie who can be so very serious. Her "advice" always makes me laugh. The other day we were laughing a playing a game where she tries to "feed" me a small stick. I make lots of noises and refuse the stick which sets her into fits of laughter. We have played this before and I tell her "only dogs eat sticks, Sophie". We laugh our heads off! This one particular day as I am sitting on the ground, out of the blue, Sophie walks up to me, leans over so that her face is about 6 inches from mine and very seriously advises me that, "only dogs eat sticks, Auntie", then turns and walks away. I'm not sure what she thinks I do, but I will keep her advice in mind and not eat any sticks. As she imparts more words of wisdom on me in the coming weeks, I will pass them on to you. In the meantime, Trudy, don't eat any sticks.


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