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April 26, 2008


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sister g

Ah Sister Dear,

What a surprise for me to land home from delivering in the middle of the night and have this good chuckle. Indeed the vision of you drinking coke at 1 in the morning Calgary time is as funny as 'me' drinking a glass of 'water' on the west coast...which I just did! Not to worry though...I have a jelly bean in the other hand.

Love You and sweet dreams,

sister g

Well its good to know 'ALL IS still right in the world' and you likely are really sleeping right now, as you should be, as I just went back and looked at your date and see it was 1:01PM...not AM. Now that should give you your laugh for today! ...me thinking you were drinking coke at 1am...It surely must be the side effect of this 'water' going into my veins and causing me to be taking leave of my senses!
Still, if you do decide to start swigging back the bubbles in the wee hours, call me, I'll be pleased to give my water to the flowers and join you! HUGS :-)

patricia ludwick

my dear dear trudy,
it is you who is keeping me healthy with your humour and your insight and your generosity. Your "experience" of illness is exactly like your experience of well-being - except maybe the "soft spot" expands and deepens, as your awareness of each moment grows to include every blessed thing around you - including coke and popsicles. Being with you each day, with the blue glass containing your name and lavender blossoms, with a candle flaming before the Dalai Lama, gives me a few moments of complete rest. Thank you.

Lydia Nahold

Oh Trudy,
you are a hoot!! I LOVE that four o'clock noodle soup story!
And it makes me laugh, because both my children, have inherited my strong leaning, like yours, towards organically grown food - and their friends love to gather at our little home, because they think the food here tastes so good!
As you Trudy and I know, yes, there is the importance of cherishing our Earth and growing our food in harmony with it - BUT there also is, what we put into the pot, the bowl, the platter,when we prepare our meals.
And I KNOW, that the main ingredient for every delicious meal that you and Gottfried have ever created,for every batch of muffins that you have haver made, always was and certainly still is LOVE.
So, here comes a batch of love from me to you!
Thank you for the courage and will to share your every day journey! I LOVE READING every bit of it!
Hugs, Lydia

Linda Anderson Krech

Leave it to you, Trudy, to enrich all of our lives, day by day, as you make your way through the challenge of serious illness. Rather than tragedy, we are touched by your joy and your love of life. As you find your way through this new territory, "playing ball on running water",you are lighting up the path for the rest of us. You are making your life into a work of art, Trudy. Grace under pressure, strength of heart and sweetness of spirit . . . thank you, dear friend.

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