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April 16, 2008


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patricia ludwik

dear dear Trudy
i loved your poem of apology to and appreciation of your hair-that-was: you are obviously being creative in many ways! My friend Marilyn who sacrificed her fine, straight hair for the same purpose found that when it came back, it was curly! So perhaps your light and fly-away hair will return as the manageable and fashionable hair of your wishes. Meanwhile, be kind to your scalp: colour it hatfully.

Meghan Innes

Hi Mom,

I LOVE your poem! As always, you have a way of looking at your situation and deciding how you'll find the light, love and laughter in it.

Lots and lots and lots of love

xoxo Meghan


Oh my hair. You are free to remind me if you ever hear a critical word cross my lips. I love the fact that you love my little poem even if you are both totally biased. :-)
Love, Mom and Trudy

Carol Westberg

Hi Trudy...I love your poem and I love you!!! I think you are intitled to change your vows right?? LOL
Gentle Hugs...

Catherine McKinney

Dianne Rector gave me your web address. When I lost my hair(the first clump came out Xmas eve 2004)my husband used jokingly tell me did not feel sorry for me as I had fancy "hair growing ability" and would have hair again, where he at age 40 would never regain his lost hair!

Don Beaton

Hi Trudy
Barbara has kept me up to date on the latest chapters of your life from breasts to babies. After reading your blog with the prose and poetry I was compelled to add my voice to all those your life has touched. Your manner of dealing with life in general is an inspiration.
On the bigger picture you'll survive and be stronger and you did promise to live to be 100.



Trudy, I'm grateful to have found your beautiful blog today. Your "apology to your hair" touched me. Trudy, may I share it on my blog? I look forward to visitng your blog often and following your journey. Kerry

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