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April 27, 2008


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Thank you Trudy.
When friends or relatives are sick or in distress, it is always a dilemma to know what to do to help or support them. Many years ago when I was in this situation in China, every thought, card, letter, phone call helped me.
Now, I think just do something!

Meghan Innes

I LOVE the Cranes! What a wonderful thing to do for someone. What a great story.

patricia ludwick

dear trudy,
our friend karen tried, with infinite patience and encouragement, to teach me how to fold the cranes for you. My fingers and thumbs refused to obey my mind - and the cranes, when they appeared at all, looked crippled - psychically disadvantaged, spiritually challenged cranes - not at all suitable for sending to a dear friend, in support of a long and wonderful life. But who knows, maybe those "outsider" cranes will speak as clearly as the perfect ones - like one of our Gabriola herons, with a wing feather missing, or an imperfectly retracted leg in flight - our eyes are caught and held by that slight adjustment, that erratic pattern. You are yourself, perfect as you are, with a slightly erractic pattern of flight as you navigate these strange eddies caused by medical storms. Who knows what strange cries the heron might make, passing through the wave-effects of chemotherapy?


Oh Patsy: Perfectly folded cranes are not required. Quite the contrary. Don't give up yet. In fact the best chance at quality is through quantity, but in fact I love all of my cranes, especially the imperfect ones.

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